Digha hotel near sea beach

One of the most popular places to visit for a quick weekend getaway is Digha. Don’t forget to check the map list to find the best hotels in Digha. Hotels can be identified by looking at reviews and comments from previous guests. Best Hotel In digha & Digha hotel near sea beach 

Digha , West Bengal

Being one of the most popular vacation spots, Digha attracts visitors from all over East India, who flock to the town at times.Tourists who come here for a day or two are said to love it.

Sea facing hotels in digha

Despite Digha’s immense popularity, it is difficult to locate excellent, opulent hotels at reasonable or acceptable prices.

To help you out, I have compiled a list of some of the most popular hotels in Digha, West Bengal, which are currently offering fantastic discounts.

low price hotel in new digha hotel near sea beach

Digha is a well-liked tourist destination to get away from the busy city life and enjoy some peace and quiet on its tranquil beaches. It is one of the oldest beaches in West Bengal.

New digha hotel near sea beach

Digha is the most popular seaside resort in West Bengal, attracting thousands of visitors every year. For Kolkata, it’s a perfect weekend getaway

New Digha beach has emerged as the new focal point of the resort. Those looking for a bit of excitement can explore all the nearby beaches while staying at the hotel in Digha. For those looking for a quiet, relaxing walk along the beach,

Hotel beach view digha

Shankarpur beach is what they are looking for. While visiting the Shiva temple at Chandaneshwar, another good destination, guests can stay at a hotel in Digha. Some of the other places of interest around the city perimeter are Talsari, Shankarput, Junput and Subarnarekha rivers. Make your arrangements now on Travel Guru to ensure the highest rates of travel and accommodation services at your preferred Digha hotel. Dighu conveys a certain homely feel and earthiness.

New digha sea beach hotel

You will be amazed by the unwavering hospitality of this region, and the unique climate of this city will make your stay unforgettable.

Situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, Digha is primarily a coastal city in south-eastern West Bengal.

It is a 4 to 5 hour drive from Kolkata and a highly preferred destination for Bengalis. An ideal location for a weekend hangout for individuals in Kolkata.

The only purpose for which people travel here is to bathe in the salt water or relax on the beach.

The Most Popular tourist places in Digha are-

Beach Road : My favorite is The Beach Road. It starts from Mohana and continues till New Digha. Parallel to Sea Beach Road. Ideal choice for horse riding, cycling or a lonely seaside walk. Simply give it a shot.

Digha Mohona : The river Champa and the sea meet here. Tourists throng here to witness the breathtaking sunrise.

Mohana Fish Auction Centre : Excited to see several marine fish species and maybe buy a few? Visit the estuary early in the morning.

New Digha Beach : Best Beach for Sea-bath

The iconic Mall : It is the famous ship shaped mall. There are decent food options although the area is not completely full of shops. Here are most of the food startups based in Kolkata.

Science City : Good potential for late-evening or afternoon science-geek hangouts.

Marine Aquarium : Larger than most marine aquariums in the country. Nice place to hang out.

The iconic Statue : This wonderful tree sculpture at New Digha represents the liberation of women.

Beach Market : Local stores near the beach in New Digha where you may purchase handmade oyster crafts.

Nehru Market : Come here if you’re looking for veggies, fish, or other food to cook and you have options in Digha. You may find it in Old Digha.

Biswa Bangla Park : – The Old Digha is home to this large park. This is where most people visit at night. Good choices for relaxing and chatting while listening to the sound of the sea as background music. Park Side Market is situated  Just Beside the Park. A good option for shoppers.

Digha Shree : an expansive convention centre. The entire campus’s design leaves an impression.

Talsari : This location is in Orissa State, close to Digha. Red crabs and the beach’s beauty are its two main draws. This is also the place where you may boat to the neighbouring sandy islands.





digha hotel near sea beach

Digha hotel near sea beach

Despite my many visits, my most recent stay in Digha was at Hotel Mjack International. As a happy guest, I can recommend this hotel as the best hotel in New Delhi. In affordable hotels. They offer full service with excellent accommodation both air-conditioned and air-conditioned.


Their mission is to provide excellent services and facilities to all types of visitors, including business and family travelers. They provide the best service in a clean, hygienic, safe, and memorable environment for your trip. In addition, they offer a restaurant, free parking, pick-up and drop service and round-the-clock power backup.

New digha hotel near sea beach under 2000

West Bengal’s most popular seaside resort, ideal for a weekend escape, promises guests an enjoyable and memorable stay. The urban hotel, which welcomes both leisure and business guests, is a lifestyle destination just 200 meters from the Bay of Bengal. This location is ideal for guests as it offers a wide range of amenities, such as comfortable accommodation, modern amenities including a rooftop pool, and pleasant indulgences. Digha hotel near sea beach

5 Star Digha hotel near sea beach

The relative merits of ancient and modern dighas may differ based on personal preference and interest. While New Digha has more contemporary amenities and a lively atmosphere, Old Digha is famous for its quieter and less crowded beaches.

Old Digha would be a good option for you if you want a more quiet and trendy beach experience. New Digha, however, can be a good option if you prefer a beach area that is busier, more developed and offers a variety of entertainment options. Which of the two you choose will ultimately depend on your own taste in beach vacations. Digha hotel near sea beach

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